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JMM 622: Profile III – The New York Times

Steve Duenes and Xaquín G.V.

Steve Duenes began working at The New York Times in 1999 as the graphics editor for the science section. He then became the deputy graphics director and has been at that position since 2004.

At first, Duenes was a bit scared to manage people, but thanks to Charles Blow – who was the art director during that time – Duenes became the deputy graphics director of The New York Times.

Duenes manages a team of visual journalists who are responsible for reporting and executing the print and interactive information graphics for the newspaper, website, and all of the other platforms at The Times.

Xaquín G.V. has been working as a graphics editor at The New York Times since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. G.V. first started playing around with graphics in the year 2000. In 2002, he moved to Spain and worked for El Mundo, where three years later was already in charge of the online graphics desk.

Below is a screenshot of G.V.’s desktop while he was working on a graphic of the “World Cup Live.”

Duenes’ and G.V.’s interviews and profiles taught me a few things about what it means to work at The New York Times. Curiosity is the leading factor when working (or wanting to work) at the NYT, especially at the graphics desk. Being open-minded and able to have open and honest conversations about your work and your teammates’ works is almost just as important as the curiosity determinator – because those who have employment at the NYT have to be willing to ask and accept advice for their own personal projects, as well as give advice to their teammates about their own projects. Therefore, teamwork and being able to work with others is also a big factor for those who work at the NYT.

If you think about it, all these determining factors and important qualifications for being able to work at The New York Times are just as important in real life.

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